"add test" button not visible

I want to import some of my custom nuclei templates, but I couldn’t find the “add test” button. Additionally, using the test library also isn’t importing my custom templates. Your help would be highly appreciated. Thanks!

I’m currently using:

Dashboard Version
1.34.10 - 1706085945 - 1.34.10

Runtime Version
1.34.10 - 1706085945 - 1.34.10

Hi @Crouton

You can select any template in test editor, delete its contents and start writing a new one from scratch.
When you hit “Save” button, it will be saved a new template.

We have stopped support for importing nuclei templates long ago. However, you can easily convert them to Akto format. I can help you do that. Please share the templates on Discord or email at support@akto.io.

Here is the detailed syntax for test templates - Test YAML Syntax (Detailed) - Akto - API Security platform

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