I'm looking on the GitHub actions to integrate CI/CD

I’m looking on the GitHub actions to integrate CI/CD, i couldn’t able to find some parameter of akto,could someone can assist on it

Im using opensource akto dashboard. where can i find the parameter AKTO_DASHBOARD_URL:
i tried this url but didnt help https://app.akto.io/dashboard/

Hello @AerialRed32,

It looks like the 403 error you’re encountering could be due to an incorrect dashboard URL or API key when setting up your GitHub Actions for CI/CD with Akto. Here are two steps you can follow to troubleshoot this:

  1. Verify your AKTO_DASHBOARD_URL: This should be the URL where your instance of the Akto dashboard is hosted. If you’re not using the SaaS version, make sure it’s the URL to your self-hosted dashboard and that it’s publicly accessible over the internet.
  2. Check your AKTO_API_KEY: Ensure that the API key you’ve entered is accurate. You can confirm it by navigating to your Akto dashboard, then going to Settings > Integrations > CI/CD > Configure.

If you’re using the open-source version of the Akto dashboard, ensure that you have it correctly set up and that the URL you are using points to where your dashboard is hosted. The URL you provided, https://app.akto.io/dashboard/, is for the SaaS version, which may not be applicable if you’re working with an open-source self-hosted dashboard.