Mongo-error (unable to access the AKTO Dashboard )

Ive installed the Akto Opensource in my kali but when im trying to access its showing this mongo-error. any help where i did the mistake here is the installation log "
└─# docker-compose up -d
Creating network “akto_default” with the default driver
Creating volume “akto_mongodata” with default driver
Pulling mongo (mongo:6.0.1)…
6.0.1: Pulling from library/mongo
675920708c8b: Pull complete
6f9c8c301e0f: Pull complete
73738965c4ce: Pull complete
7fd6635b9ddf: Pull complete
73a471eaa4ad: Pull complete
bcf274af89b0: Pull complete
04fc489f2a3b: Pull complete
6eff8a505292: Pull complete
a5ef4431fce7: Pull complete
Digest: sha256:59448b028874b9ce3150cc692a3f85e8beed92cb8dc9479bdc3fd453b70e1fb1
Status: Downloaded newer image for mongo:6.0.1
Pulling akto-api-security-dashboard (aktosecurity/akto-api-security-dashboard:local)…
local: Pulling from aktosecurity/akto-api-security-dashboard
4a023cab5400: Pull complete
dce394e5c05f: Pull complete
e915201eb1e4: Pull complete
1c2cd90d5914: Pull complete
8bd43359ac97: Pull complete
87727772c503: Pull complete
f5cc9940bdd7: Pull complete
ebb503210898: Pull complete
38a750bf3fdc: Pull complete
f3ec032e3fee: Pull complete
f969aeff3aab: Pull complete
905541b0997d: Pull complete
15ad4696524c: Pull complete
Digest: sha256:681ed6c6adf99decc1d0216aafb99d5ae9d1184ce02a88248b1eb490eed18ce5
Status: Downloaded newer image for aktosecurity/akto-api-security-dashboard:local
Pulling akto-api-security-testing (aktosecurity/akto-api-testing:local)…
local: Pulling from aktosecurity/akto-api-testing
0b2952a75473: Pull complete
43078548e45d: Pull complete
b5e4e583e4e6: Pull complete
67e38043c773: Pull complete
Digest: sha256:6308afe3d6ab610b6c9e2d8892e0a5498c78fb2648985dc0734d9e87af39dda2
Status: Downloaded newer image for aktosecurity/akto-api-testing:local
Pulling akto-puppeteer-replay (aktosecurity/akto-puppeteer-replay:latest)…
latest: Pulling from aktosecurity/akto-puppeteer-replay
4abcf2066143: Pull complete
3bce96456554: Pull complete
2bde47b9f7c3: Pull complete
db3e2f2b6054: Pull complete
fac1213fbfa7: Pull complete
80d286c6e263: Pull complete
ac5581af3cd8: Pull complete
ba4f0de74dd8: Pull complete
5cec9ea1c0fc: Pull complete
f28fad7f199e: Pull complete
Digest: sha256:09b2e756b05ba52f2346de4791931971f4d7200b1436ce5ec9cca2616397604a
Status: Downloaded newer image for aktosecurity/akto-puppeteer-replay:latest
Creating mongo … done
Creating akto_akto-puppeteer-replay_1 … done
Creating akto_akto-api-security-testing_1 … done
Creating akto_akto-api-security-dashboard_1 … done"

Here is the additional info of the services related to the akto "┌──(root㉿kali)-[/home/kali/akto]
└─# docker ps
8a3e6ae67bf2 aktosecurity/akto-api-security-dashboard:local “/docker-entrypoint.…” 59 minutes ago Up 59 minutes>8080/tcp, :::9090->8080/tcp akto_akto-api-security-dashboard_1
e5b576d344a6 aktosecurity/akto-api-testing:local “/bin/sh -c '"java" …” 59 minutes ago Up 59 minutes akto_akto-api-security-testing_1
5e7b55250f95 aktosecurity/akto-puppeteer-replay:latest “node build/apps/ind…” 59 minutes ago Up 59 minutes>3000/tcp, :::3000->3000/tcp akto_akto-puppeteer-replay_1

└─# systemctl status mongo
Unit mongo.service could not be found.
" i dont see the mongo service running if u can help please let me know how to start and stop the Akto which is installed by the docker

Hi @murthyle2 thank you for trying out Akto. I think your mongo container is not running. Can you run this command and share the results:

To find the list of all containers:
docker ps -a.

To restart the mongo container run this:
docker restart mongo

Some troubleshooting tips:

  1. Make sure the port 27017 is available before you run the mongo container
  2. /data directory has valid permission for docker to mount volumes.

If you still face the issue feel free to mail us at

Hi @avneesh thanks for the reply im trying to install it in the Kali linux VM but mongo 5.0 + doesnt support it. so now im trying to install it in my windows host after that if i face any issue. ill let you know. thanks you.